Kimberly Sandridge, M.A.

Kimberly Sandridge, M.A.

President and Founder

About sibylLINE Visual Consulting

Sibylline is the adjectival form of the Latin word sibyl from the Greek word sibylla meaning prophetess. In the ancient Mediterranean world, people consulted with the sibyls to predict the future. Today, sibylLINE can illustrate your message so that you have the best opportunity to reach the future you desire.

Since 2000 Kimberly Sandridge, President and Founder of sibylLINE Visual Consulting, LLC, has advised lawyers and expert witnesses on how to create demonstrative exhibits for complex civil and criminal matters. For example, she translates the expert witness testimony of biochemists and engineers into images and language that a lay audience can immediately grasp. In white-collar matters, she devises visuals to discredit overreaching charges, distinguish between participants and their actions, and pinpoint precisely timing for key events.

Her areas of expertise include intellectual property, pharmaceuticals (patent and products liability issues), employment disputes, contracts, antitrust, banking, securities, real estate, insurance, toxic tort, asbestos, accounting, professional malpractice, and white-collar crime. In addition to jury trials, she has created visual strategies for bench trials, hearings, arbitrations, and mediations in both federal and state venues. Prior to founding sibylLINE, she managed DecisionQuest’s Washington, DC graphics practice.

In addition to litigation projects, Kimberly provides visual recommendations for lawyers to use in their own client pitches and for briefs, expert reports, law firm marketing materials, and year-end reports. Outside of the legal arena, Kimberly develops graphics plans for academics (conference presentations, class lectures, online publications), performing arts organizations (marketing materials, year-end reports), and companies (logos, brand themes for electronic and print materials, reports, presentations).

Kimberly has an MA in Art History from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a BA in Art History and Psychology from Wellesley College, and an American Montessori Society (AMS) Early Childhood credential.