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Will your first impression be the end or the beginning of the conversation?

Only if someone is paying attention is a picture worth a thousand words. sibylLINE can help sum up your strategy with that one arresting visual you need to help the conversation take off and keep going for a thousand words or more.

It’s the illustrated elevator pitch that leads to follow-up questions.

It’s the business card someone studies on the way back to the office after lunch.

It’s the poster of your event that gets shared on social media.


What conclusion will your audience draw?

Imagine reading a child a book without images. As she listens to the story, she imagines the landscape, the climate, the buildings, and how the characters look. Now ask her to draw a picture of what she remembers. If twelve children drew a picture of this one story, you would have twelve different pictures. That is good for teaching children to use their imaginations freely — but what if you want a group of listeners to reach the same conclusions about a narrative?

Like the parent in this example, you tell your client’s story away from the company headquarters, away from the lab producing innovative products, away from many of the players, away from the diverse team of brainstormers, developers, and researchers. sibylLINE’s visual strategy will weave these missing elements into your story seamlessly.

You do not want your audience drawing twelve different pictures, twelve different conclusions; you want them to draw one conclusion. Illustrate your story. Guide their imaginations. Help them draw the right conclusion.

sibylLINE’s clients


sibylLINE can improve your conference presentations, class lectures, and online publications.


sibylLINE can work with your creative team, development staff, and Board of Directors to create or enhance the visuals you use for marketing materials and year-end reports.


For new companies or companies looking to update their visual presence, sibylLINE will first help you figure out what you want the look of your company to say. sibylLINE will then develop a theme for your electronic and print materials, which can be used with other vendors. For all companies, sibylLINE can design visuals (infographics) for reports and presentations (e.g., to your clients, to your Board of Directors).

collaborating with sibylLINE: from strategy to art(work)










about Kimberly Sandridge

Kimberly is trained in psychology, art history, and art education. With over a decade of experience in litigation and visual consulting, she has worked with attorneys, expert witnesses and professors from a variety of disciplines, museum curators and educators, academic institutions, and performing arts organizations. Kimberly Sandridge, M.A.

President and Founder, sibylLINE Visual Consulting

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Contact sibylLINE if you are a (1) company preparing to launch a new product, (2) think-tank connecting with new audiences, (3) professor working on digital publications, (4) non-profit or arts organization in need of visual branding, or (5) graphic or web design artist or animator looking to network.